Embrace Counselling Service – An independent specialist service for Derby and Derbyshire

I know it can be hard to get to this stage. You might be here because you feel something’s not quite right or you might know exactly what you want to work on. Either way counselling can help.

You may be considering counselling to:

  • better understand your own behaviours – particularly if they are unhelpful ones
  • manage change & conflict – relationship issues / family issues / children / work & career / redundancy / life changes such as infertility / loss / bereavement
  • help with common problems like low self-esteem / depression / anxiety / health concerns and disabilities
  • help with more complex issues like trauma / abuse / terminal illness / suicide / suicidal thinking

I offer you the time, space and skills in a safe, supportive environment to enable you to think through and unravel the difficulties in your life.  As children we have experiences that teach us how to relate to others and to the world around us.  This continues to affect how we think and behave as adults and sometimes these effects can become unhelpful to us in our everyday life.  My integrated therapy is based on the values of respect, empathy and genuineness for you, the client, and is centred around your individual needs, in here and now.